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Acne – Causes and Treatment

  There are four main factors responsible for acne that, together, cause typical pimples associated with acne.
  • Excessive activity in the glands
  • Clogged the pores in the skin
  • Bacterial activity in the skin
  • Inflammation 

Over-creation of sebum

The fat glands are located deep inside the skin and are also known as sebaceous glands.

Fat glands are stimulated to produce fat by hormones.

During periods of stress, the adrenal glands produce high levels of these hormones, a factor which leads to the growth of the sebaceous glands.

During adolescence, the sebaceous glands operate more frequently in response to hormonal changes.

Clogging of the skin pores

Oily skin occurs when the sebaceous gland produces excess fat. Acne occurs when an area of the pores (through which the fat normally flows from the sebaceous gland to the skin’s surface) is blocked and, as a result, the fat gets trapped in the skin’s pores.

Fat that is captured in a pore transforms into a festering wound.

Skin bacteria activity

Indeed, acne is indeed not caused by bacterial; however bacteria can worsen the situation. The Propionibacterium acne bacterium is a normal part of the skin’s surface. It keeps the skin from being attacked by harmful bacteria.

When fat is trapped in the hair follicles, the P. acne skin bacteria will grow inside the clogged pores. The bacteria create chemicals that change the fat composition and turns it into inflammation.


Skin inflammation occurs when the body’s immune system tries to get rid of foreign material. In the case of acne, this material also includes bacteria or irritants created by the bacteria.

In such cases, bumps on the skin are created, such as:

  • These are created when the pores are clogged close to the skin’s surface. As they are exposed on the skin surface, the black spots normally don’t normally become inflamed.
  • Whiteheads – These are created as a result of deep obstruction inside the pores. In the absence of a drainage path, the fat accumulates in the skin and causes skin-colored or white bumps. Unlike blacheads, whiteheads tend to cause red skin-colored inflammations.
  • Pustules (aka acne or pimples) – occur when the walls of the blocked follicle are destroyed. Fat, dead skin cells, and bacteria that are normally found on the skin’s surface penetrate the skin and irritate it,; this, of course, creates small areas of inflammation.
  • Cysts are larger and redder. They include deeply inflamed areas in the skin that indicate a wider infection.
A perfect treatment program for the treatment of all causes of acne:



DEEP CLEANSER FOR PROBLEMATIC SKIN – A unique skin cleansing cream that cleans the skin and prepares it for active creams from the CLEAR series.

MASK FOR PROBLEMATIC SKIN – A mask that thoroughly rids the skin’s surface from excess fat and dries existing pimples.

TONER FOR TREATING OILY SKIN – Cleans the surface of the skin, balancing the level of fat in the skin and drying existing pimples.

ULTRA MOISTURIZER FOR OILY SKIN – Improves skin moisture, instantly moisturizes the s kin and prevents the formation of new pimples. It also soothes skin with excessive dryness and redness.

ACN.E BIO TREAT GEL – a high-quality product that treats inflammatory spots in a very short period of time. Leaves the skin smooth with no pimples. Treats inflammatory to highly inflammatory acne. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of the product in the skin.

ACN.E REPAIR LIQUID is designed for acne comedogenics  (“blackheads”) and, in some cases, for inflammatory acne. An excellent preparation that gently restores the skin, clears clogged pores, and eliminates blackheads  and subcutaneous fats. Moderates subcutaneous sebum production.

ACN.E BASIC TREAT GEL – A product designed for the treatment of inflammatory acne. Antibacterial product activity in the skin, with mild skin rejuvenation that prevents the sebum, from getting stuck inside the skin.

ACN.E TRIPLE TREAT GEL – A gelatinous, non-oily formulation for treating acne. Treats inflammatory pimples and curbs excess sebum production. Suitable for use in cases of inflammatory acne and in cases of comedogenic acne.

ACN.E SUPER LIQUID – a very powerful preparation for the treatment of acne sores and cysts / internal nodules. The product rapidly dries out the spot and eliminates it from above and below the skin’s surface. The liquid also moderates excess fat on the skin and prevents new spots from emerging.



DEEP CLEANSER FOR PROBLEMATIC SKIN – Clean the skin using the foam prior to any treatment of application of an active ingredient.

MASK FOR PROBLEMATIC SKIN – Apply the mask 2 – 3 times per week; wait a few minutes until it has dried, and remove it with water.

TONER FOR TREATING OILY SKIN – Pour some of the liquid on cotton wool and clean the skin. Do not wash.

ULTRA MOISTURIZER FOR OILY SKIN – After applying the active ingredients, apply the moisturizing cream until absorbed into the skin. This can be used 1 – 3  times per day.

ACN.E BIO TREAT GEL – According to the cosmetician’s instructions.

ACN.E REPAIR LIQUID – According to the cosmetician’s instructions.

ACN.E BASIC TREAT GEL – According to the cosmetician’s instructions.

ACN.E TRIPLE TREAT GEL – According to the cosmetician’s instructions.

ACN.E SUPER LIQUID – According to the cosmetician’s instructions.


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