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Dermalosophy presents: a simple, convenient and friendly user guide page!
Our mission is to ensure that users can achieve the safest and most effective results from our products.
Here is a page of usage instructions, which focuses on different areas that aim to enrich knowledge and present the right way to solve various skin problems through the correct use of our products

Good Luck!

Instructions for use - cleaning foam

Video tutorial on how to use cleaning foam correctly

Instructions for use - SPF

Video tutorial on how to use SPF regionally

Instructions for use - therapeutic liquid - spot application

Video tutorial on how to use therapeutic likquid spotly

Instructions for use - therapeutic liquid - facial application

Video tutorial on how to use therapeutic likquid regionally

Instructions for use - creams / gels - spot application

Video tutorial on how to use spotly with creams & therapeutic gels

Instructional video on how to use facial creams / therapeutic gels

Video tutorial on how to use regionally with creams & therapeutic gels

Diluting products with the active ingredients

Video tutorial on how to dilute products with active ingredients


The moisturizers from Dermalosophy have been scientifically proven to improve the skin's moisture level by 25%. Through unique technology and by using SMART-HYDRATOR
smart moisturizers that are released in the skin in a controlled, gradual and long-term manner
The moisturizers restore the skin's natural moisture and thus return the glow, firmness and smoothness of young and healthy skin to the skin.
Use of moisturizers / base cream, products of other companies to dilute the active products of the Dermalosophi company, may harm the treatment procedure, therefore it is not recommended at all!

Yes, and yes

The instructions for the use of the company's foams / soaps can be used as in the video shown above

שימוש באפליקטור / צמר גפן / פד גזה עם הנוזלים הטיפוליים עלול לפגוע במהלך הטיפול! הגזה סופגת את החומרים הפעילים ומונעת מהם לחדור לשכבות העור הרצויות

הנחיות השימוש יינתנו ע”י הגורם המקצועי המטפל רופא/ה או קוסמטיקאי/ת, וצורת השימוש במוצר תהיה לפי ההנחיות בסרטונים (צורת מריחה). מריחה נקודתית / אזורית תהיה לפי הנחיות המטפל.


Dermalosophy products can only be purchased from professional and certified beauticians!
We will be happy to connect you with a certified beautician close to your location - where are you from?

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