B-WHITE CREAM is the most effective whitening cream developed to date. It has two functions: Breaking apart and preventing the formation of discoloration.

This cream yields excellent results for skin with discoloration and an uneven pigmentation through the use of strong and concentrated brightening materials as well as through the use of a unique component that enables the penetration of the other components into the deep layers of the skin.

  • SEBACIC ACID- Moderates the production of a new pigment (melanin)
  • TRANEXAMIC ACID- Brightens the existing discoloration.
  • ELLAGIC ACID- Brightens the existing discoloration.
  • MAGNESIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE - Brightening material
  • KOJIC ACID - Brightening material
  • LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT - Brightening material

Directions for use

After using Dermalosophy B-WHITE cleansing foam, apply a small amount of cream in circular movements to the desired area.

This cream is very active and concentrated; therefore, in case of irritation, it should be rinsed with water and in case of excessive dryness, treatment should be stopped and resume gradually a few days later on a less frequent basis, several times a week. In order to obtain the best results, please refer to the full treatment program.

In case of excessive dryness and / or irritation, discontinue use for a number of days and resume gradually.


  • Apply using fingers without using cotton wool or applicator.
  • Wash hands after application.
  • Do not apply the active preparations around the eyes.
  • Follow the instructions for use and make sure not to exceed the number of applications per day.
  • Do not deviate from the instructions for use, do not search for a "quick fix” or use too much cream; you must use sunscreen of at least SPF 50
  • Apply the moisturizer/ sunscreen 5 minutes after the application of the preparation.

For additional questions, please contact a certified Dermalosophy cosmetic.


ג’ל מרוכז בי וויט

ג’ל מרוכז בי וויט

B-WHITE GEL הינו ג’ל טיפולי מיוחד ומרוכז המיועד לטיפול בכתמים.בעל פעולה כפולה של חומרים מבהירי עור וכן חומרים “המסירים” בעדינות
קצף ניקוי בי-וויט

קצף ניקוי בי-וויט

 B-WHITE CLEANSER FOAM הינו קצף ניקוי המנקה בצורה יסודית ומושלמת את עור הפנים, מבלי לפגוע בלחות הטבעית של העור ומותאם
בי-וויט קרם

בי-וויט קרם

B-WHITE CREAM הינו הקרם היעיל ביותר שפותח עד היום לטיפול בהבהרה. בעל שתי פעולות : פירוק ומניעת הווצרות כתם.באמצעות שימוש
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